Magura on its digital learning platform TechAcademy – Features

Magura on its digital learning platform TechAcademy – Features


We sit down with Timo Kieninger, director marketing and sales (ppa.) at Magura Bosch Parts & Services

Tell us about the Magura TechAcademy.
Our new Magura TechAcademy offers specialist dealers yet another flexible online training option. A total of six online learning modules will provide participants with all the important information on innovations, products and topics related to maintenance and service. The training content is available in four different languages and primarily targets sales and workshop employees. It contains six learning modules of approximately 40 minutes each.

Each of the four modules will provide information on Magura product groups, with the content allocated to product and service information, ranging from detailed explanations of product features to practical tips on bleeding a product and troubleshooting. Two of the modules will cover interesting facts about the Magura brand and company, plus information about the services provided by Magura Bosch Parts & Services.

How and why did it come about?
We recognised the need for flexible online learning content, even before the COVID pandemic. The product landscape of the bicycle industry is changing constantly and dealer trainings get more and more important. But trainings also take time and place heavy demands on dealers and staff. Online trainings are the time effective alternative – without travel time, heavy costs and harmless in the crazy times of the corona pandemic.

We have already gained good online training experience with our successful live webinars in spring 2021, so we’re now looking forward to taking the next big step with the Magura TechAcademy! Our comprehensive and high-quality training content will be available to our customers from mid-October on and in multiple languages.

What are the advantages of the new training platform?
The significant advantage of the new digital training is its unrestricted availability – because all participating dealer employees will be able to access the training content online anywhere and at any time to complete the individual learning modules. When they pass an online test, the participants receive a personal certificate and the Magura TechTalk as a reference work.

How much has Magura’s dealer network grown in recent years?
Our dealer network in Europe has been growing steadily for years, but we haven’t yet been able to meet the demand for classroom training in every country. Thanks to the TechAcademy, we can now offer a comprehensive range of training courses in Europe, increasing knowledge in the trade about the Magura brand and giving it a solid international position for the future.

Nowadays, our network covers a growing five-digit number of dealers in Europe. And growth still comes from all main markets in the EU as well as uprising markets in Eastern/Northern Europe.

What are your plans for 2022 and beyond?
In addition to the now-expanded online training courses, classroom training and live webinars will also be offered in the Magura programme in the future. All three formats are part of an overarching training concept designed to meet the needs of as many dealers as possible.

MBPS is planning to return to classroom training courses in 2022, but until then, the company is relying entirely on the newly created TechAcademy for the remainder of the year.


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