Does Strength Training Slow Down the Aging Process?

Does Strength Training Slow Down the Aging Process?


Tips for Exercising & Slowing Down the Aging Process
1. Follow a customized, safe, and effective approach

It is important to not start your journey with a pre-formatted and general cookie-cutter program. These types of approaches aren’t made for you and your unique situation, which means participating in them may actually increase your risk of injury and lower your adherence to exercise.

Generally, you should ease into a program that is made specifically for you and your goals. This ensures you perform movements safely, which will be more effective for you.

2. Track your progress and measure your results

How do you know how far you’ve come if you don’t have the data that shows it?

Tracking helps you take note of your progress. This can motivate you to keep going and help you set realistic goals moving forward. It also allows you to visibly, physically, and intrinsically feel all of the youthening results as they happen.
3. Start slow

Use a holistic approach. This means including adequate rest and recovery in your plan, and listening to your body. If your body feels sore and tight, you know not to push it. In this scenario, you use active recovery exercises and proper nutrition to continue moving forward.
4. Find support

In a 2011 study, researchers emphasized the importance of low goal setting, new stimuli, and social support in relation to adherence to exercise. This means that having friends to workout with or support that holds you accountable can go a long way in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

While it’s important to find social support in your life, you may need further support from a nutritionist or dietitian too. With a supporting team working with you, improving your health and vitality becomes that much easier.

Regardless of your age, you can get started and you can improve. The most successful people we’ve worked with have succeeded with the help of various experts. If you’ve tried to strength train in the past and have not been consistent or successful, this is all the more reason to hire a qualified trainer to guide and coach you to success.
Start Today!

Whether your goal is to “feel” younger than you are by dedicating yourself to a program designed to minimize aging, or you simply want to get moving safely with either in-home personal training or virtual personal training then let’s get started today. Reach Nielsen Fitness to apply for a complimentary fitness assessment and first workout.

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