Improving Your Negotiations With A Renewed Focus On Mindset

Improving Your Negotiations With A Renewed Focus On Mindset


As a Columbus-based real estate investor and entrepreneur, Michael McGovern has a passion for coaching professionals on how to successfully buy, manage and sell properties. On the surface his primary areas of expertise are sales and real estate, but at its core McGovern’s true mastery is mindset.

“I started to see these high-level performers who were big into the mindset side of things,” McGovern shares. “That’s what gets me so excited about coaching. I’ve watched people change their lives the way I have changed my life.”

Real-estate opened McGovern up to the world of self-development, and it’s this transformation that drives his passion for coaching individuals on the importance of mindset, skill-development, and training. 

Why is self-development important in sales and negotiation?  

As he points out on Negotiate Anything, most professionals have spent the first 18-22 years of their lives receiving consistent education and training. Then suddenly, everybody is expected to have it all-figured out as they embark on their career journeys. 

“Our default is always to go back to our highest level of training,” McGovern explains. “All of the things we learn don’t really hit us until we get into the real world.”

So, what blocks professionals from investing on ongoing self-development? According to McGovern, it’s ego.

“People don’t want to feel weak, and as you get older, you’re supposed to be this person who has it all figured out,” he explains.

While this approach is comfortable, it’s also counterproductive. Advancing requires learning, which requires humility; it’s almost impossible to move forward without accepting that you aren’t where you need to be. 

On the other hand, McGovern prides himself on embracing discomfort and entering spaces where he may be the least knowledgeable.

“I’m always trying to put myself around those people that I think are levels ahead of me – because [even if] I just learn from osmosis, I know that I’m going to continue to get better,” he jokes.

The Importance of Mindset

Being that growth and advancement require consistent discomfort – it all starts with mindset. 

For McGovern, the most foundational advice on improving mindset is this: constantly consume positivity. Take advantage of those idle moments during the day; the daily commute being a perfect example. McGovern encourages people to use that time to listen to content that will expand their knowledge in some way. 

This is especially useful given that all professionals are bound to be faced with challenges at some point in their careers. 

“You have to create those times – constantly forcing your knowledge to expand – because you’re going to get beat up no matter what you’re doing,” he shares. “If you don’t have your mindset right, then you will fall short of getting to where you need to be.”

McGovern is also careful to remind his audience of the importance of grace. 

“You have to let time catch up to you,” he notes. “It takes daily action and steps to get to where you want to be.”

Incorporating Mindset to Drive Results

As McGovern advises, daily mindset practice will ultimately lead to confidence, which will in-turn lead to results in your sales and negotiations.

His biggest keys to success: listen (especially for pain points that can be addressed), remain resilient and use every conversation as a practice opportunity. 

“Even if you can just get somebody on the phone and listen – drop the script,” McGovern advises. “People will tell you what is going on and the conversation may take a turn that wasn’t in the script.” 

That said, the most important value McGovern, and all professionals, can display is authenticity. 

“Being genuine is important. How many tools can I use to try to bring value to somebody?” He asks himself. “Eventually something is going to stick.”

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For more practical tips on applying mindset to sales and negotiations, click here to listen to the full podcast.


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