How to deliver a compelling presentation

How to deliver a compelling presentation


LEADERSHIP | The ability to deliver compelling presentations is an essential skill for success in almost every field, including business, sales, training and teaching. Indeed, research shows that being presentation savvy is the most critical communication skill needed to move up in today’s business environment as managers are often required to deliver presentations before a group of people.

However, research reveals that only about 25 percent of people are very comfortable delivering a formal presentation or making a speech.

Compelling presentations help to increase personal influence and “visibility” which are important to managerial success; present opportunities to demonstrate one’s expertise and leadership ability; help to elicit the desired response or action from the audience; and promote better decision making.

All presenters experience “stage fright” or some form of anxiety. Surveys show that 76 percent of experienced speakers have stage fright before taking the floor. Stage fright is also often overestimated in the mind of the presenter. Research shows that the presenter appears much more confident than he or she actually feels.

10 tips on overcoming presentation anxiety

1. Prepare early and thoroughly. Preparation can reduce your stage fright by as much as 75 percent. Know your subject matter thoroughly. Write your key points on note cards which act as a safety net in the event of a blank mind. Practise your presentation several times. Anticipate your audience’s questions and prepare thoughtful answers.

2. Have a good introduction that arouses the audience’s interest… 


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