Experts Say These Kettlebells Are Actually Worth Buying for Strength Training at Home

Experts Say These Kettlebells Are Actually Worth Buying for Strength Training at Home


If you work out at home, you likely already have a basic set of dumbbells to accomplish a huge range of strength-training exercises. But if you don’t yet have at least one kettlebell, now’s the time to invest.

These versatile weights will help you build strength and endurance, all in an efficient package: Unlike with a barbell or adjustable dumbbell, weight in a kettlebell is concentrated on one side so you can move fluidly and swing explosively for ultra-effective (and fun!) squats, swings, lunges, presses, and more.

You can buy a whole set to supercharge your training sessions in the new year, or just a single kettlebell in a versatile weight for your routines. Or get the best of both worlds: If you don’t have enough space or budget to invest in a full set of kettlebells, select an adjustable-weight option. For an even smaller (and cheaper) footprint, try a converter accessory to make your dumbbell into a kettlebell instantly.

When you’re shopping for a kettlebell, look for three things, advises Lauren Henneke, a performance coach for the high-end, at-home training app . You want durability, an oval shape with a flat bottom, and proper space between the handle and bell.

Likewise, when shopping for kettlebells, know what to avoid. Stay away from plastic kettlebells, which Henneke says, are “less durable” and provide “poor grip when hands are sweaty.” She also suggests avoiding a bell with too thick of a handle, which “fatigues the forearms quickly.”

Here are the best kettlebell options on the market, based on Henneke’s professional trainer recommendations as well as customer reviews and ratings.


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