Entry-Level Jobs in London for Immigrants

Entry-Level Jobs in London for Immigrants


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Whether you lack previous education or experience, you can start with an entry-level job before you move on to better ones. For immigrants in London, it is advisable to start with these jobs first. With more experience, you can get higher chances when you apply for higher-paying and higher-level positions in the future.

If you are completely new and do not know where to start, you can seek immigration help from companies like TotalLaw. With the assistance of a capable immigration service company, you can get guidance on what requirements you need to start. You can also get tips on open hiring so that you can have a starting job.

When you have the assistance of capable London immigration lawyers, you can also ensure that you are not falling for work scams. With their help, you can get a legal job that will give you the right wages. Since it can be hard to find your career on your own – especially if you have just migrated – their service can be essential.

If you are interested in working in London as an immigrant you should consult and here are some entry-level jobs that you can start with.

1. Sales Representatives

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If you have a previous business degree or are good at persuading people, you can start as a sales representative. With this job, you can help sell services and products of different types. While your interpersonal skills will be the most important factor, you also need to be resilient.

When you become a sales representative, there are different ways for you to be paid. Some are paid a percentage of their sales. On the other hand, some people are given fixed salaries. Regardless, your earnings will depend on how good you are at persuading people.

2. Medical Assistant

Have you ever wondered how medical professionals do their job? In London, you can become a medical assistant. Since this is an entry-level job, you do not need any previous degree to get hired. Instead, you would need a sense of responsibility and dedication to ace this position.

You can work for doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals when you are a medical assistant. Your job will be to assist them in any way possible. It can include helping with their documents or their equipment. Medical assistants do a variety of tasks.

3. Waiters

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Are you good with different people? If you are the type to be unfazed even when interacting with grumpy individuals, a waiter or waitress can be a good entry-level job for you to take. When you choose this job, you are asked to serve diners. You can be a waiter for fast food chains, local restaurants, or coffee shops.

When you get this job, you can also get additional pay in the form of tips. While most tips are charged in the diner’s payment – and you get a share out of them – some generous individuals give tips directly to waiters. Aside from a relatively good starting salary, the tips can also help you out with your expenses.

4. Clerks

If you are willing to learn the necessary skills, you can be a clerk. There are many different businesses, which means that there are a lot of open opportunities for you. Banks, hotels, and stores all need clerks. It is easy to get this job because there are open positions.

Even if you have no previous experience in bookkeeping or using necessary machines, you can still start as a clerk. If you passed your interview, you would be introduced to the skills and equipment you will use. Most of the time, clerks are also provided training or two to prepare you before you do official work.

5. Junior Accountants

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If you are good with numbers and with spreadsheet tools, you can become a junior accountant. While this needs more skills than most entry-level jobs, it also has a bigger salary. Since you will be the junior accountant, you do not need to handle the most confidential and important numbers and data.

Instead, your task will be provided by you by your manager or senior accountants. They can guide you so that you can do your work correctly. If you work for a long time for your firm, you can eventually be promoted to a higher position, too.

6. Software Engineers

When you are very proficient with programming or have a previous degree in Computer Science, you can start as a software engineer. While it does not seem like an entry-level job, it is one. If you have the skills, you can get this job.

Software engineers are among the best-paid entry-level positions. While you might have a harder and more focused job, you can get more satisfaction and pay with this job. However, you have to ensure that you are more than familiar with programming and the like to be hired.

7. Journalism

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If you love writing or have a degree in English, journalism can be the perfect job for you. You will get to write news articles, teasers, interviews of different kinds, and even blog posts depending on your preferences. Before you start your career as a journalist, though, it is important that you are willing to work hard. You have to keep in mind that there are more experienced professionals out there that will give you tasks. If you want this job, then you have to also know how to sell yourself properly.

8. Drivers

Drivers are a crucial part of the workforce. They ensure that goods and other commodities can be transported from one place to another – regardless of how far it is. You do not need a college degree to become a driver, but you have to pass your driving test first. In addition, you must also own a vehicle if you want this job. The good news, though, is that you can work for companies or individuals as long as they need goods moved from point A to point B. That means that even if there are no jobs with established companies by the time you apply for this job entry-level, there are always small businesses who need deliveries made with their products or items.

9. Cleaning Jobs

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Cleaning can also be an entry-level position. You just have to know the basics, like how to mop floors and wipe tables correctly. If you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty, this job is for you. What’s great about this job is that it has very flexible schedules. You will also get paid per hour. A lot of companies and establishments hire cleaning staff because they have a big building that needs to be maintained every day. You can also promote yourself as a cleaner through word-of-mouth if you believe that you are experienced enough.

There are a lot of entry-level jobs that do not require prior experience. However, this does not mean that you can get them right away. In order to be considered for an entry-level driver’s job, you have to have previous driving experience or a valid driver’s license. You should also have the social skills to deal with people well in your everyday life.

If being a waiter is something you cannot do well in your personal life, you cannot handle it when it comes to work-life. If you want this job, then you have to show everyone that you have what it takes to drive safely and follow traffic rules when out on the road.

It is easy enough when looking for an entry-level job since there are a lot of options out there that will fit your needs. Whether you want to work in an office, at home, or outdoors is also possible when looking for this kind of job.

So the next time someone asks me why clerks are paid very little, we can answer with confidence since we have experienced it all. They are not paid much because they are entry-level jobs only. If you desire more, you have to wait until you become more experienced.


Even if you don’t have enough experience to earn a high position when applying for a job in London, you can still find jobs that suit your skills. Entry-level jobs pay high compared to other high-ranking jobs in other countries. So, build your confidence up and try applying for the job you think you are qualified for. You just might be surprised at how many companies are willing to hire you.


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