Achieve your new year health goals with this customized $20 bundle

Achieve your new year health goals with this customized $20 bundle


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Are you entering the new year with nutrition and body goals, but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone and there’s a solution with this bundle of health and weight loss training courses that were made to help define goals and keep you on track with nutrition and fitness. It’s on sale now for the amazing price of just $20.

Setting nutrition and exercise objectives is always the first step, but knowing how to properly execute it and stay the course is always the hardest part. Instead of going to the lengths of ridiculous devices locking your mouth shut to control your eating, these weight loss courses include 242 lessons from fitness professionals that’ll guide you on a journey to a healthier mindset. 

The bundle begins with a beginner’s guide on how to build muscle and lose fat that includes three workout plans and 5 hours of detailed content on applying nutrition principles to your everyday routine. You then take a deeper dive into discovering the right food and ingredients to fuel your body and how to unlearn harmful eating habits. Based on scientific research, the next course will provide vital tips on how to psychologically stay motivated and block food cravings. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of diets and weight loss trends with misleading information out there, but the point of this next course is to discredit those lies and teach you healthy eating practices for your body type. Additionally, you can ease into a workout plan to build muscle with your own body weight and no gym equipment, with the science-based body workout course. The final course gives you the opportunity to earn a certification in weight loss coaching and become an expert with 10 CPD credits — knowledge you can pass along to others. 

This is your year to become a new and better you while transforming your lifestyle and mindset with The 2022 New Year New You Health & Weight Loss Training Bundle. As an added bonus, you can now get this complete bundle for just $20

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