What to buy in March 2023, according to experts

What to buy in March 2023, according to experts

March is often considered the tail end of winter, causing shoppers to start thinking about what they’ll need to get themselves and their homes ready for the spring. Retailers tend to discount products accordingly — experts told us you can expect to see home improvement sales and deals on outdoor athletic and sports gear this month.

Below, we put together a list of expert tips about what to buy in March and what you may want to hold off on, if possible.

What to buy in March

  • Home and garden products: “Home trends are seasonal, just like clothing is,” said Kristin McGrath, a shopping expert at RetailMeNot. Thus, retailers want to get rid of cold weather products like snow gear and make room for warm weather goods like gardening tools. You’re likely to see deep discounts on winter-related products because of this. Vipin Porwal, the founder and a consumer savings expert at Smarty, also said many retailers host spring cleaning related sales in mid-March. You can find discounts on home and car cleaning supplies, storage and organization products and vacuum cleaners.
  • Outdoor gear: People start buying outdoor gear around this time of year so they’re ready to spend time in the sun as soon as temperatures consistently rise in colder climates. Experts said you’ll see sales on running shoes, athletic clothing, kayaks, sporting equipment and more. Among the warm weather products, you’ll also find discounted ski apparel and equipment retailers want to get rid of.
  • Kids’ apparel: Kids grow every year and hand-me-downs don’t always fit the bill. Shoppers can purchase everyday children’s apparel on sale this month, as well as more formal attire for holidays like Easter and Passover.
  • Travel, hotels and resorts: As spring break nears for some, hotels, resorts and other properties offer deals to help them fill inventory that hasn’t been sold out, McGrath said.
  • Tax software: February is historically the most popular time to file taxes, McGrath said, but many are still filing throughout March. Tax software is usually on sale during March, and some companies also offer promo codes and limited-time offers. You may also see add-ons available, like free access to help from virtual experts.

What to buy later this year

  • Major appliances: The next holiday weekend associated with big sales is Memorial Day in May, which is when major appliances will be steeply discounted. If you need a new washer or dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher or range, wait until then if you can, McGrath said. Memorial Day also offers stronger deals on small kitchen appliances and other home electronics.
  • Spring apparel and patio furniture: Retailers start promoting their new spring clothing, shoes and patio furniture around this time. But experts warned that these items typically bear higher price tags in March. Deals will get better and better with time.
  • TVs: March is typically an underwhelming time for TV and electronic sales, McGrath said. Wait until “Black Friday in July” sales to shop TVs and tech, she said, and remember that Amazon Prime Day is usually hosted in July, too.
  • Giftable beauty, bath and cooking products: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2023 are on May 14 and June 18, respectively. With this in mind, Porwal said retailers wait to discount giftable beauty, bath and cooking products until we get closer to those holidays.

Meet our experts

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  • Kristin McGrath a shopping expert at RetailMeNot. She specializes in helping shoppers make the best savings decisions, and getting the best deal on purchases big and small.
  • Vipin Porwal is the founder and a consumer savings expert at Smarty, a cashback browser extension.

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