This Entrepreneur Turned $125 Into Helping Businesses’ Sales Soar Via Social Media

This Entrepreneur Turned $125 Into Helping Businesses’ Sales Soar Via Social Media

Little Rock, AR, March 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With just $125 and a laptop, enterprising Ashley Ann changed her life. Using these resources, Ann became a master of social media. Now, she is offering a sought-after service, training new and existing businesses how to master that same online expertise – and generate six-figure sales as a result.

When companies of all sizes, from struggling startups to established brands, want to learn the speediest methods for building sales and revenue, they turn to Ann – a social media strategist and comprehensive resource. “I help you excel with social media lead generation; local, nationwide, and international sales; lead magnets; funnels; and return paths,” she says.

Ann is a talented business builder with a track record of achievements and grateful clients, who have applied her tips to earn up to seven-figure sales through their social media actions.

A self-taught professional, Ann has educated more than 11,000 people on how to best monetize their presence on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular sites. She’s helped 800+ clients create six, seven, and – for a select few – eight-figure incomes, all through her dedicated support and guidance. Ann is based out of offices in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Dallas, Texas, but she’s able to provide around-the-clock backing to companies of all sizes no matter their location.

Her established success keeps her in constant demand as an event speaker, a featured guest on podcasts, and an expanding list of entrepreneurs seeking help. “I teach people how to find their purpose, to make money doing things they like to do and are good at,” says Ann. “I help you build an audience who care about what you are interested in and what you can offer them. This leads to a community of people who support your brand – and increased sales for you.”

Ann is perfectly positioned to understand exactly how a new company can make its mark online through social media – because she had to create her own strong brand. Her first business, a luxury event design and production company, began with only a laptop she already owned and a measly $125.

This was enough to begin her journey. After learning the intricacies of selling online, she rapidly crafted her own proven strategies. “I know if I can get this figured out, anyone else can too,” she says.

Beyond dedicated one-on-one work with individual clients, Ann offers in-person workshops and conferences for startups and small business owners that want to scale their sales. She also generously offers a host of free courses on her website teaching everything from easy sales email outlines to how to master social media.

The runaway success of Ann’s business has helped her develop a major following of her own, with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, 230,000-plus on Facebook, 7,300 on LinkedIn, and over 89,500 followers (and growing) on TikTok. These outstanding figures represent the kind of online popularity her clients are typically able to emulate.

“The best way to ensure consistent and quick sales growth online is by embracing social media, and my numbers and the success of my clients speak for themselves,” says Ann.

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