TAL launches summer learning program

TAL launches summer learning program

The program has more than 60 on-demand options, including courses and CPD-accredited reading articles for use whenever and wherever advisers like, along with virtual and face-to-face courses from entry-level options for those new to advice and advanced, technical topics for more experienced advisers.

The courses are grouped into three main areas:

  • Advice skill and training: courses focused on entry-level to advanced advice strategies, technical expertise, and client engagement skills;
  • Business management: courses focused on strategy and marketing to help advisers to grow their business and help advisers navigate their Professional Year or mentor a Professional Year candidate; and
  • Education and professionalism: courses focused on supporting advisers with the latest industry requirements, from the FASEA Exam to the Code of Ethics.

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With disruptions to business-as-usual activities this year due to COVID-19, TAL encourages advisers to take advantage of its on-demand programs over the summer break to achieve their 2021 CPD hour and learning targets.

“We recognise the amount of change advisers have managed this year, including the impacts of COVID-19. For advisers needing CPD hours, fulfilment of degree requirements or the chance to access training to help plan out 2022, January is a good time to access learning and be in a good place for the new year ahead,” said Niall McConville, general manager, retail distribution individual life, at TAL.

Most TAL Risk Academy courses are free, aside from the Risk Academy Masterclasses, which incur a $55 fee that TAL donates to the Australian Business Community Network (ABCN) to help Australians from lower socio-economic backgrounds access quality education and reach their full potential.

To enrol in the TAL Risk Academy, advisers can contact their local TAL Sales representative or visit the TAL Adviser Centre.

Aside from the summer learning program, TAL released a mental health initiative in October to contribute to discussions on mental health in line with Mental Health Month. The initiative also aims to help financial advisers and licensees manage and enhance their mental health, commonly hit when the pandemic started.

TAL launched a series of live and on-demand content that provides insights and tips around the appropriate support for a grieving person, helping advisers hone their empathy skills to enable deeper engagement with clients, and building greater understanding around the importance of self-care so they can continue to provide quality support to clients and engage effectively.

The series also provided licensees with practical tools and tips to support themselves and their advisers. 

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