Successful Business Owner & Passive Income Strategist Shares 5 Tips on How to ‘Make Money Whilst You Sleep’ to Bring More Balance to 2022

Successful Business Owner & Passive Income Strategist Shares 5 Tips on How to ‘Make Money Whilst You Sleep’ to Bring More Balance to 2022

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Lucy Griffiths, 46 from the Cotswolds, is an award-winning Digital Creator, TV Journalist, Qualified Coach, Passive Income Strategist, 7 Figure Business Owner, and now also a best-selling Author…

Lucy was as a TV journalist for over 20 years, with an incredibly fascinating career working
with some of the world’s biggest television stations as a TV reporter and producer,
interviewing; Barack Obama, Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton, and celebrities like; Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and Victoria Beckham… Lucy’s career took her from flying on Air Force One with the President of the United States to being in the middle of a refugee camp in a war zone.

However, when her son was born in 2015, she experienced a traumatic birth, which left her suffering both anal and urinary incontinence and she knew her life wouldn’t be the same again… after much soul-searching, support and coaching, she set out to find a new passion and purpose for her life.

Lucy turned to the online space and created a course, which tapped into both her coaching expertise and her experience of being on camera, to help other women, particularly, to find their confidence to spread their message. She created a training course, but soon realised due to demand that she could turn it into a digital course and sell it on repeat (literally making money whilst she slept or spent quality time with her son – all through passive income). She has now sold this course 50,000 times over and has generated over 1million in revenue. This $19 course paid the family’s mortgage and bills throughout Covid where her other income streams dried up.

She has helped coaches and consultants, pet-preneurs and horse whisperers, ballet instructors and beauty therapists, to turn their expertise into digital products that sell on repeat and she hopes with her book ‘Make Money Whilst You Sleep’ she can reach even more people.

Lucy said: “The truth is that anything is possible – I am a real example of this, and passionate about spreading this message. I know what it’s like to feel lost and purposeless, and I also know how it’s possible to create a best-selling business from anywhere. Whether you’re a new mum, or you’re wanting to top up your pension as you head into your 50s and 60s or you’re stuck at home because going out to work isn’t an option, then creating a course can dramatically transform your life.”

“As a small business owner, I know how hard it is to do everything, but when you create a course, it frees you up to then focus on what matters to you. You can get more freedom so that you can get off the treadmill and create a life that you love. So you can earn more, work less.”

Lucy’s book, published by Hodder &Stoughton, it is her latest avenue through which to create more of a ripple effect empowering others to move away from the hustle mentality that can lead to burnout and mental health struggles, instead encouraging readers to reclaim living their lives the way they want to, using their expertise to bring passive income.

Here are Lucy’s 5 top tips on how to start making money while you sleep:

  1. Brainstorm ideas
    Allow yourself the space to brainstorm your ideas. Free flow and don’t restrict yourself or
    negate those little ideas that could become something truly remarkable. Give yourself the
    space with a big piece of paper and just start writing. Allow your creativity to unfurl and see what ideas come forward.

  2. Talk to your audience and then niche down
    Talk to your people and find out what they want to buy from you. Test and validate your
    idea to know that people really want and desire it. Are people being polite: “Oh, that sounds interesting”, or do they really want it: “OMG, where can I get it?” If they are your target audience and they get excited by your idea, then you know you’re on to something.

  3. Niche down
    Be selective with who you are creating a course for. You’re not making a course for
    everyone; you’re making a course for a select slice of the online world that needs your
    knowledge and experience. They will identify with you because they are a reflection of you. There’s a saying in the online world, “there are niches in the riches.” It’s true.

  4. Create your course
    This is the big one! Use the audience research as the starting point for the course, and
    create what your people want and need from you. This will help you to structure and map
    out your course. Put your passion and soul into the course and share your experience with
    your audience. Done is better than perfect, so take action and avoid procrastination. There may be times you want to throw your laptop out of the window, but the promise of making money while you sleep will carry you through the challenging times.

  5. Create a sales machine to sell it
    When you’ve gone to the effort of creating a course, you want an audience to sell it to. And
    it’s no point selling it once; you want to sell it again and again. This means creating an online sales system to sell on automatic while you get on with the business of life. It means you can live more and work less because you have an automated process to make money while you sleep!

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