Pasquale Farms granted liquor license for Richmond food truck night, special events | Richmond & Hopkinton

Pasquale Farms granted liquor license for Richmond food truck night, special events | Richmond & Hopkinton

RICHMOND — An incredible turnout and sales at the first-ever food truck event held on the grounds of the Pasquale Farms Garden Center has led owners to seek ways to expand opportunities, leading to members of the Town Council approving a liquor license for the location.

The license will not only allow for unique opportunities at the center’s new location on Kingstown Road, but will help to keep a much larger portion of the profits local from the monthly summer event, officials and center owners said. The license was approved by the Richmond Town Council following a short hearing and 3-0 vote with Vice President Rich Nassaney and Councilwoman Samantha Wilcox both absent.

During the first event held at the Pasquale Farms property in April, an annual series called “Food Trucks Roll into Richmond,” owner Lauren Pasquale said nearly 2,000 residents from throughout the region attended. Under an agreement with vendors, the farm and garden center received just a portion of the profits and still received several hundred dollars.

“We get 10% of all sales that Trinity makes, and we received $460,” said Pasquale, who attended the hearing with her husband, Frank, and her brother-in-law Mike. “It was truly an eye-opener for us, and we wanted to see if there was a way the money could stay here instead of rolling back to Providence.”

At the first event, officials and organizers explained that Trinity Brewhouse of Providence provided contracted bartender services to accompany the many food options available through the different trucks on site.

With an estimated $4,000 in sales money returning to Providence rather than Richmond businesses, Pasquale said it didn’t make sense to sit back and let someone else collect all the sales.

Council President Mark Trimmer questioned whether the farm and garden center would be able to comply with state laws and assure safety at these events. Rhode Island requires that any alcohol sales may only be allowed with a TIPS certified (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) bartender.

Pasquale herself is TIPS certified already, however, and would be able to step up and into that role immediately. She said that having her on her own property would provide much greater control locally, as well as motivation to assure there are no incidents.

With Trinity running the alcohol sale, Pasquale said she had no ability to cut anyone off or tell them who should or should not be drinking.

“It is difficult; if something happens right now, it is Pasquale Farms that everyone remembers. By doing this, we would be able to hold more control over who and how much is served,” she said. “Right now, I can’t make those decisions.”

Pasquale said there are “no plans whatsoever” for everyday sales, but did note that there may be additional opportunities for special events that could include sales as well. She said these events would be seasonal and preplanned, such as farmers market.

“For something like a farmers market, we could offer mimosas or something like that; maybe other things that would be specific to the event,” she said.

For a Town Council that has sought to find ways to expand economic development and retention efforts, including holding hours of discussions in the past two months on the topic, approving such a change seemed a natural decision.

Councilors noted that the liquor license approval does not change the event or how it is run, but simply changes the vendor serving alcohol at that event.

The next “Food Trucks Roll into Richmond” will be held on June 8 from 5-8:30 p.m. at Pasquale Farms Garden Center, 421 Kingstown Road in Richmond. The event will include live music and is free to attend, with food available for purchase directly from the vendors available at the event.

Additional food truck events are also scheduled for July 13 and August 10. For more information, visit

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