OKX launches metaverse training session with football star Rúben Dias

OKX launches metaverse training session with football star Rúben Dias

Cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 technology developer OKX has been active in the space over the last month, with the latest announcement on its first immersive metaverse fan experience part of its “OKX Collective.“

On April 3, the company revealed a collaboration called “Train Like Dias” with one of its brand ambassadors and Manchester City footballer, Rúben Dias.

According to the announcement, fans can virtually experience Dias’ favorite training techniques, and have exposure to coaching and tips. The experience is open to fans within the OKX Collective metaverse.

Haider Rafique, the global chief marketing officer at OKX, commented that the new immersive experience helps connect fans, and “is another great example of what this technology allows.“

“The possibilities that Web3 can offer are vast and only limited by our own imaginations.“

OKX and Manchester City officially became partners back in July 2022, with the platform hinting at future offerings of Web3-content from other players on the team, including Alex Greenwood, Ilkay Gündoğan and Jack Grealish.

Metaverse avatar for OKX Collection immersive metaverse experience. Source: OKX

Cointelegraph reached out to OKX and Dias for comments on the immersive experience. 

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The metaverse continues to be the next frontier to explore connections between physical reality and Web3 applications, as seen with “Train Like Dias.” However, recent events surrounding metaverse development have been mixed after Disney reportedly scrapped its metaverse division. 

That came only a week after rumors began circulating that Animoca Brands — a prominent metaverse developer in the space — made cuts of around $200 million to its metaverse fund. Animoca promptly denied those claims. 

On the other hand, South Korea launched a “Metaverse Fund” on March 12, intending to accelerate metaverse initiatives within the country. Automotive manufacturer Nissan also recently filed multiple Web3 trademarks and trialed sales in the metaverse.

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