NILE Founder Khaled Yatim Shares Tips for Efficiency: Step Up Your Real Estate Game in 2022

NILE Founder Khaled Yatim Shares Tips for Efficiency: Step Up Your Real Estate Game in 2022

The past few years have been a struggle for many, and the real estate industry has felt the volatile waves. This push and pull phenomenon is inevitable, but in 2022 the market has been ramping up and getting hotter. So we sat down with NILE Founder Khaled Yatim to learn practical ways to boost efficiency and success in 2022 without feeling overwhelmed by all of the fast-paced opportunities the 2022 real estate market is projecting to promise.

NILE is a real estate software that empowers agents to save hours and effort by providing a digital assistant to shoulder the necessary, time-consuming tasks all real estate agents know well. It implements a ‘list-sell-close’ system and ‘smart contracts’ to cut down the time for closing paperwork to under 20 minutes. Yatim, an expert and seasoned veteran of the real estate field, created the program out of an inspired observation of a hole in the market.

NILE is the amalgamation of his talents, and he has some simple but impactful tips from an experienced perspective. According to Yatim, time, technology, and training are the Three Ts to focus on in the 2022 real estate sector.


“Use your time mindfully,” said Yatim. “Many of us get on our computers or phones at the end of a busy day and automatically turn our brains off. But what if we spent our leisure time casually researching our field? By using pressure-free zones to utilize guided inquisitive energy, we can add to our greater knowledge base to tap into when professional hours come back around.”

Spend time looking up more listings, visit them in person, get to know your area, and get to know others in your field. Meet friends of your clients, or get to know your clients better. If you want to be efficient, mix ‘fun’ work with play from time to time.

Of course, he isn’t suggesting we all work 24/7, but rather to focus spurts of energy into work-aligned side tasks when we can.


“The benefits of technology are a no-brainer,” he said. “We all know how convenient the world around us has become, but sometimes we forget to delegate. Technology has become so powerful in recent years that we can easily pass tasks on to artificial intelligence. This option gives us more time to do tasks that humans do best, like bonding with our professional contacts and fostering networking connections.”

Utilizing technology to your advantage will give you more time and help you make more money.

“Don’t be afraid of technology,” Yatim went on. “Humans created it for the betterment of society. There is a graveyard of real estate apps that tried to displace agents – it’s not going to happen. Good tech empowers the modern agent. Brokerages aren’t going anywhere, and neither is technology. The two need to live together and learn to work in harmony.”

Zillow recently left the iBuyer industry, proving that real estate agents – real human beings – will always be crucial to the market. iBuyer apps displace agents, removing them from home sale transactions completely. NILE, on the other hand, is simply a tool for agents. It is a distinct difference worth noting.


“Train your team to compete at scale by providing for them the necessary tools to succeed,” he continued. “Expansion is inevitable, especially for new businesses, and being able to trust your team to handle their responsibilities on their own is essential. If your team is great with no room to grow, or they are at their fullest potential, they need the training to be able to handle new challenges.”

With time, technology, and training, you can continue to build trust with your clients, traction in your sales, and take home more profit than ever before.

About NILE

NILE is a revolutionary real estate software that is empowering agents in the real estate home selling process. The software arms agents with an all-in-one platform to close deals faster and sell at a higher rate. The company has recently been featured in TechCrunch, Inman News, and Market Watch. For more information, please visit

Published February 13th, 2022

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