Kibo Eclipse Reviews (Does It Really Work?) Critical Information Released | Paid Content | Cleveland

Kibo Eclipse Reviews (Does It Really Work?) Critical Information Released | Paid Content | Cleveland

Kibo Eclipse is a newly released, one of a kind online training program that helps students generate income through untapped sources and marketplaces easily and conveniently. If you are looking for new ways to increase your online income, then Kibo Eclipse is the perfect choice.

This program is different from other similar courses as it adopts a unique approach to teach users about how to set a rock-solid sales system online. The methods taught in Kibo Eclipse are different from the usual sales tactics like Amazon, affiliate marketing, and crypto. Therefore, it assists the students in making money through untapped traffic sources.

Created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, Kibo Eclipse course discusses and teaches their personal strategies that have helped their students set up a rewarding career with massive success.

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Online careers have become the talk of the town for somewhile now. While some have taken up YouTube blogging as their permanent careers, others have chosen affiliate marketing to earn some extra cash. While all these niches do hold the potential to generate money, the problem is that their market is already saturated with so many people that it has become difficult to beat your competitors.

Doing so requires constant effort and sticking to your work 24/7 which can be inconvenient and unpleasant for many people. So what can be done in such circumstances if you wish to double your earnings? The best way is to choose something that is still new but promising, and to learn about such a thing, you can consider enrolling in the Kibo Eclipse course.


Kibo Eclipse is an online training course formulated by two successful online marketers and sales generators using their personal experiences and skills. The program helps students understand a business model that is potentially reliable, scalable, predictable and can generate money while dramatically growing every year.

But is this course really worth the hype and money? In what ways can it help you with your brand new online business and how much do you need to pay for it? Find all information about it in this detailed Kibo Eclipse review.

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eCommerce is one of the leading businesses in today’s world and a lot of people have been interested in it for some time. As a result, many training courses have emerged that help users set up a career in this field. However, the problem with these courses is that they usually help you select one niche and one product only to base your entire business on.

While this strategy does seem to work, the revenue it generates is limited as you do not offer a variety to your customers. Even after spending a lot of time and money in purchasing a domain name, designing your brand and ordering your first batch of product, you still have limited traffic and customers as what you are offering them is very limited.

And if your product fails to sell, your whole business is at the verge of a collapse as there is no other item you can focus on to support the declining sales. Not to forget that this entire process can be extremely complicated and without proper guidance, there is a high risk that things may go wrong for you.

So what do you do in such circumstances? The best way to come about is by choosing a strategy that does not rely on one product only. Moreover, it should be something that does not require you to obtain special licenses and permissions and spend weeks researching on how to move forward. One potential way you can do this while avoiding all the hassle in the way is by signing up for the Kibo Eclipse training program.

According to the official website, Kibo Eclipse is an online program created to train individuals interested in leading a successful business in the eCommerce world. It uses a new tactic that is yet to be utilized by the competitors which means that there is a huge scope of gaining success and earning millions in the process if you follow it. The creators believe that what they teach their students in this series of online sessions is expected to be different than others in the following ways:

  • Kibo Eclipse focuses on searching for products based on how much profits it can generate instead of its niche
  • Like other programs, it is not niche-restricted. In fact, it includes testing multiple products belonging to different niches simultaneously
  • The program helps generate instant sales and tractions
  • It incorporates free traffic strategies to direct interested people to your online stores
  • It later works on removing the products that do not sell while keeping those generating rapid income

The above-mentioned steps keep on repeating so that you can find and filter sellable products while removing the ones that are of no use. As a result, your income can keep increasing with every passing day and eventually hit the set target in a matter of days. The creators mention that they can teach their students how to sell up to 50 high-profit products belonging to different niches to make 50 times more money that you can make if you stick to one product of your choice.

The Kibo Eclipse course is meant to be attended online through live sessions which gives the attendees an edge as they can attend them from any corner of the world. During these sessions, the creators will come in direct contact with the students to spill their most important secrets regarding online businesses. Using these secrets, you can create your own online store, stock up, and start selling without investing huge sums of money or even physically purchasing the products.

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To understand how Kibo Eclipse can help you generate money, it is first important that you know how most eCommerce businesses usually work.

  • How do eCommerce businesses run?

If you have been doing your research about online business opportunities, chances are you might have heard about different famous platforms, like Amazon. Amazon has been one of the most popular platforms to sell products without owning them and through online portals to earn money.

People have been using it for all sorts of businesses, be it dropshipping or via branded private products. This is because when Amazon was first created, it attracted heavy traffic and had a very broad reach. As a result, people started using this platform and those who got in early started making millions of dollars.

However, in recent times, the competition has risen. You will find thousands of people selling similar products on the exact same platform which can make it difficult for any new business to flourish. So what can be done to make this process easier? The best solution is to find a new platform that comes with its own raw, untapped traffic and this is what Kibo Eclipse focuses on.

  • What Kibo Eclipse teaches you

Inside the Kibo Eclipse series, the creators of the program will teach students how to set up and boost their business by using a newer platform i.e. Walmart. Walmart is one of the biggest retailers with over 2 million employees working worldwide. It generates a revenue of almost 500 billion dollars every year making it a perfect platform to utilize for setting your business.

As per the official website, Walmart has recently developed a marketplace that is still new which means that the competition is low and the incoming traffic can be easier to direct to your store. As per the statistics mentioned on, this platform has helped people generate 42 million dollars in product sales during the past 12 months.

This makes it a perfect option to explore and make use this year before it gets saturated. Both Steve and Aidan have themselves utilized this new marketplace to generate profits for themselves. Now they have incorporated all necessary information you need to do the same in this Kibo Eclipse training course.

Together with this new platform with a high potential, you can utilize the tips, software programs, and other tools that come with each Kibo Eclipse subscription to make your journey easier.

The mechanism of how Kibo Eclipse can help you set up a business and generate instant profits can be explained in the following three steps:

1.  Identify the right products

As mentioned by the designers, the program helps you select various products based on how much profits they can generate for you. Finding the right products that can boost your sales up and fill your wallet with money is not easy. In fact, it requires a lot of research and spending hours on the internet and even then, you are not too sure with your choices. However, with the Kibo Eclipse, you will get access to a breakthrough technology using which you can select your top products within minutes.

Next, you can load up these products on your web store which will be designed and optimized by the Kibo Eclipse program tools as well.

2. Generate traffic and instant sales

Once your online web store is loaded with the right products, the Kibo Eclipse can help you get access to a new source of traffic. This traffic source has been described by the creators to be immediate, free, and easy to get. Most of this traffic is sourced from Facebook but not via groups or ads as is the case in most businesses. In fact, the program will teach the students a new strategy and approach to target active groups of over 100 million U.S. buyers who are interested in purchasing your products, using the software and systems provided in the Kibo Eclipse training course.

3. Expand your marketplace

In the third and last step, you can identify the products that are doing well on the Facebook Marketplace and consider adding them to all other mega-marketplaces including Google and Walmart.

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It is extremely natural to be unsure of anything before investing money in it. The creators of the program understand it and; therefore, they have made the following list of benefits that you can potentially enjoy by subscribing to this training course.

In the Kibo Eclipse course, students will be taught how to utilize high-targeted buyer traffic straight from Facebook. Once this has been established, the program will reveal other methods to scale up this traffic instantly.

The products that you choose from in the Kibo Eclipse training course are taken from U.S suppliers only. Moreover, these products are sold to local people residing in different parts of the country locally. Hence, there is minimal chances of encountering any issues with the communication.

Most businesses work by purchasing a particular stock in bulk by investing lots of money. Then, efforts are made to sell it in order to retrieve your money in addition to profits. There is a huge risk in this approach and you are never too sure if your stock will be fully sold. With the strategy discussed in Kibo Eclipse, you do not need to stock any product upfront. In fact, you do not even need to purchase a product before you have sold it to someone which means there is minimal risk of losing any money.

The process of filling up your inventory with profitable products is simple. So as soon as you are done with it, you can instantly start selling them to see how much profits they make you earn. With time, your business is expected to catch speed and you can start making more money with every passing day. However, results are not typical and may vary for every student.

If you have a job and want to pursue this online business venture as a side, Kibo Eclipse can help you establish this with a work requirement limited to 5 to 10 hours per week. As a result, you can continue with your current job while pursuing the online business side by side.

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From setting up a domain and making a webstore to stocking up and selling the products, the entire process can be extremely complicated and tricky. This is particularly true for people who are new to this field and do not have much background information. To teach such people effectively, Kibo Eclipse has been broken down into the following components, each with its own set of learnings.

This is the very first component of this training course that includes an 8-week-long program. It helps you establish a solid base for how to pursue a business in the eCommerce world as fast as possible.

This includes live training sessions conducted on a weekly basis between the creators Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton as well as other experts from the eCommerce world. Attending these courses can provide you with various tips and tricks to flourish your business and make money as soon as possible.

Kibo HQ is an operations hub using which you can build your business while managing and scaling it with great precision and accuracy. With this component, you can get access to the infrastructure that the creators of this program have been building for the past 12 months. Using this infrastructure, you can accelerate your business and improve the speed at which you generate money.

This next Kibo Eclipse component comprises an advanced software suite with which you can access millions of products. As you scrutinize these products, you can search and find the most profitable ones to add to your business and generate money.

Kibo Converters include a collection of various software tools using which you can convert all the visitors that you get on your web store into potential buyers. This collection includes a vast arrangement of conversion tools, including KIBO Bot.

One of the main aims of the Kibo Eclipse training course is to make this process hands-free for you. For this purpose, it has included various “smart” tools into this program that have been specially created to get you to success through shortcuts to save time and make money faster. These tools can be found in the Kibo Socializers component of the program.

This component emphasizes scaling of your business by improving the marketing strategies and scaling the business. It includes a fool-proof program created by Aidan and Steve that can get you through without any tension or headaches.

This includes a comprehensive support system from the Kibo Eclipse team to help everyone who subscribes to it. Using this system, you can get assistance and help from a dedicated team as well as other members of the community to further scale your business and improve income generation.

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As per the Kibo Eclipse official website, this program is a joint effort of two people: Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth.

  • Steve Clayton has been in the online business world for the past 17 years. He had a corporate job previously which he left to pursue affiliate marketing and started making $50k per month. Later on, he switched to eCommerce after finding new potential in the field and eventually built himself a revenue system that generates 7-figure income.
  • Aidan Booth started his income stream in 2006 in order to become geographically independent. So using his skills and the right set of tools, he successfully built an online business store which allowed him to live anywhere in the world and work according to his mood while earning millions.

Both creators have several ventures under their name that are helping them earn money in 8 figures with the help of an employee team based in the U.S.

Because both Aidan and Steve are giving away their entire system, secrets, tools, and knowledge away to the potential students, they initially thought of pricing the package at a fixed rate of $9997. However, later on, they decided to make it more approachable for individuals from all backgrounds and circumstances so that maximum people can benefit from it.

At the moment, the entire program along with its components can be purchased for $3497. For those who are not able to pay upfront, the company is giving a chance to pay in four monthly installments, each comprising $997.

You can get instant access to the Kibo Eclipse training with all the bonuses by visiting the official website, and paying online through one of the available options. Be aware that there are limited places left and the slots are filling out fast so the creators advise on booking one for yourself as soon as possible before you miss the opportunity.

If you are worried that you may not benefit from this program and end up losing your money for nothing, the 30-day long refund policy has you covered. As per this policy, you can get your money back within a month of purchase if you feel like Kibo Eclipse is not something for you.

Kibo Eclipse is the much-anticipated and the latest addition to the Kibo series of training courses that help users understand eCommerce and how to use it to their own benefit. The program has been divided into various components and comes with different tools, software, and latest tips and tricks about how to ace in the eCommerce world with a successfully running webstore and bestseller products.

So if you wish to generate some side income or simply want to make a career for yourself and earn huge sums of money, this can be your opportunity to begin.

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