Kennedy Training Network Announces Online (Self-Study) Version Of Reservations Sales QUEST

Kennedy Training Network Announces Online (Self-Study) Version Of Reservations Sales QUEST

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  Kennedy Training Network Announces Online (Self-Study) Version Of Reservations Sales QUEST

First In A Series: Hotel Sales and Hospitality/Guest Services Topics To Follow Later This Year

Doug Kennedy;

KTN, the lodging industry’s best source for training in the topic areas of reservations sales, hospitality and guest service excellence, and hotel sales team training, announced the first in a series of online, (self-study) versions of its menu of training programs.   

“Finally, the learning platforms have evolved to the point where we created a truly engaging, multimodal learner experience,” said KTN President Doug Kennedy. While most online courses are still limited to a series of narrated slide decks followed by a quiz, QUEST is a series of six modules each of which includes:

  • A video presentation by Doug Kennedy that is engaging and informative. (Approximately 20 minutes.)  Produced by BlueEye Productions out of Agoura Hills, CA.
  • Training assignments that mirror activities and exercises from KTN’s traditional, on-site training.
  • A presentation slide deck recapping and expanding on key concepts from the video segments.
  • A handout corresponding to the presentation deck. Participants are required to notate key terms in order to achieve a transfer of learning concepts.
  • Assessments (quizzes) after each module to ensure comprehension.

Up to now, Reservations Sales QUEST has been delivered as a traditional workshop experience, as well as a series of private, live webcam training sessions, to thousands of participants worldwide representing all segments of the lodging industry from midscale through ultra-luxury, including alternative lodging such as boutique hotels, lifestyle hotels, and vacation rental agencies.

“These formats will continue to be offered,” said Kennedy, “But the online version works really well for staff who work remotely and for clients who onboard new staff right after a small group training.”

Participants learn that today’s version of a booking inquiry often begins with “Hi, I don’t want to book. I just have a quick question about…” Kennedy added, “Today’s web-surfing callers are pre-informed. They have researched rates prior to dialing and probably visited an OTA. In fact, many are online while on the phone. They no longer want to hear a scripted list of generic features.”  

Reservations QUEST will help your team evolve to a style of selling that is “conversational” and not “transactional,” along the way making authentic, personalized connections that convince those shopping online to book directly, also taking advantage of opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.

Target Audience:  A valuable learning opportunity for all reservations staff. New hires will be onboarded properly, with the right mindset, and an understanding of the reservations sales process. Experienced staff will appreciate the innovative tactics and sales tips that are offered for today’s real-world callers. The course is appropriate for all segments of the lodging industry. Modules include examples that are specific to traditional hotels, resorts, vacation rental companies, and luxury lodging.

Fee:  $199 per person. Enterprise pricing is available, as are pre-payment options (versus payment by credit card.)

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