Fitness Tracker for Sales: New Automated Customer Feedback and Sales Training System to Radically Transform Sales Rep Coaching and Improvement

Fitness Tracker for Sales: New Automated Customer Feedback and Sales Training System to Radically Transform Sales Rep Coaching and Improvement

RENO, Nev., April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Finding blind spots that cause you to lose potentially winnable deals, and then fixing those problems in near-real time is the breakthrough every commercial team needs at a time when every deal is sacred. That’s the promise behind a new automated customer feedback and sales training system called TruVoice™, launched by Corporate Visions, a leading provider of sales coaching and improvement solutions.

TruVoice tracks sales performance, uncovers gaps in sales skills, and offers tailored training to optimize results.

The TruVoice system automatically pinpoints areas of weakness in a salesperson’s skills and their selling process based on direct buyer input. It then instantly sends the most relevant skills training content aimed at correcting those weaknesses directly to the rep in an email or inside their preferred sales tools, providing rep-by-rep, deal-by-deal custom coaching—with no intervention required by managers—and then monitoring, measuring, and modifying rep adoption and performance based on continuous deal feedback.

“The TruVoice system was born out of a recognition that too many sales leaders and enablement teams are struggling to identify areas for improvement, and then correct those problems in a meaningful and timely manner,” said Erik Peterson, chief executive officer at Corporate Visions. “With the automated customer feedback and sales training system, each individual rep will be shown areas for improvement based on what their buyers are saying. Then they are proactively given skills coaching from Corporate Visions’ research-backed skills library the instant a buyer responds, resulting in consistent, high-quality, tailored coaching at scale and speed.

“It’s like a fitness tracker for sales. Just like a fitness tracker monitors your physical activities, helps you identify areas for improvement, and provides personalized recommendations, this system tracks sales performance, uncovers gaps in sales skills, and offers tailored training to optimize results,” Peterson added.

Reps will also be able to see how their skills scores provided by buyers compare to their peers. The TruVoice rep profile will show their performance on each of their deals, as well as aggregate scores that include showing them how far above or below the company average that they are performing in each critical skill. It will also summarize their results against key competitors. All of this information is pulled together in dashboards for managers and leaders who can quickly create personalized follow-up and development plans, as well as determine enterprise areas for improvement.

As part of the announcement, Corporate Visions is also joined by revenue technology leaders Gong and Highspot to demonstrate additional integrations that enhance the automated sales training experience. For example, TruVoice can clip sections of Gong interactions that match the exact moments in a customer conversation where the rep was engaging the skill in question. This provides reps with a replay of their performance that they can review as part of the coaching process.

“Understanding why buyers act the way they do is important, but it’s leveraging these insights to drive effective coaching behaviors to boost future win rates that makes a difference,” said Gong Co-Founder and CEO Amit Bendov. “The combination of intelligence gained from customer interactions during the sales process and customer decision feedback, paired with just-in-time, automatically tailored coaching is key to improving revenue team productivity and performance.”

TruVoice results also can appear inside a company’s chosen content system, such as the Highspot sales enablement platform. There, a rep can see their skill ratings overall or by specific deal, as well as compare their performance to their peers in each skill area. The rep can also directly access recommended training and coaching, as well as any related content their company provides.

“Training and coaching can mean the difference between win or lose—not just on a deal today, but on your deals tomorrow,” said Robert Wahbe, CEO of Highspot. “In this intense selling environment, ruggedizing your sellers to take on any sales challenge is a business imperative. Combining customer feedback with relevant training delivered within sellers’ natural workflow is sure to unlock more productivity.”

The TruVoice automated customer feedback and sales training system can be integrated with any of the major CRM systems to create the completely automated loop, from deal close to feedback to insight to customer coaching experience. It is now available with Corporate Visions coaching content and the Gong and Highspot integrations built in.

About Corporate Visions

Corporate Visions is the leading provider of science-backed training and consulting services for sales, marketing, and customer success. Global B2B companies work with Corporate Visions to articulate value and promote growth in three ways:

Make Value Situational by distinguishing your commercial programs between customer acquisition, retention, and expansion.

Make Value Specific by creating and delivering customer conversations that communicate concrete value, change behavior, and motivate buying decisions.

Make Value Systematic by equipping your commercial engine to deliver consistent and persistent touches across the entire Customer Deciding Journey.

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