Earn more from remote work by starting a side hustle

Earn more from remote work by starting a side hustle



Whether you are hoping to transition to a fully remote career or need a little extra cash for your favorite guilty pleasures, the tips and tricks you’ll find in the 2022 All-In-One Freelancer & Side Hustle Bundle can help you find success far more quickly than trial and error.

The fastest way to increase your freelance revenue is to polish your sales skills. Learn how to market your services in a way that results in bigger and better clients in “Sales Training for Freelancers.” It covers the seven most bulletproof sales techniques freelancers should know and much more.

If you want to specialize in one project hub, Upwork is a popular platform for freelancers, and for a good reason, but the competition is stiff. Learn how to increase your chances of being hired dramatically by creating a compelling profile in “How to Build a 5-Star Profile on Upwork (& Get More Clients)”. This course is a favorite of students, who have rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This course is led by instructor Bruno Padilha, who has freelanced professionally for the last 13 years. He aims to pass on his experience by helping students position themselves as experts who can successfully land clients and command high rates. He also teaches “The Ultimate Upwork Proposal” to show you how to make pitches that get you hired there more often.

On the creative side of things, many people find Photoshop too tricky to use and would rather outsource their work on that software. Learn how to get more creative using the easiest effects on Photoshop in “Neon + Glow Effects in Adobe Photoshop.” Also, if editing music, videos or DVDs is part of your freelance work, you can increase your revenue per hour with the fastest video processing software.

Even if you aren’t sure what a non-fungible token is, “NFTs Discovery: Introduction & Basics” teaches you the fundamentals. Then learn how to create your own in “A Beginner’s Guide To NFT: Create Your First NFT.”

Don’t pass up this opportunity to learn how to increase your revenue streams with a side hustle. Get the 2022 All-In-One Freelancer & Side Hustle Bundle today while it’s on sale for only $29.

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