Choosing the right Mortgage Hedge Advisor

Choosing the right Mortgage Hedge Advisor

Lenders should seek a one-stop-shop hedge advisor to avoid having to form partnerships with several companies – which only adds to the workload – and look for a commitment to service by signing month-to-month contracts – a sure sign the advisor is “willing to win business every month”, the whitepaper points out.

A professional hedge advisor should provide added value by providing additional services, including rate sheets, lock desk, “and much more”.

To illustrate the point, the whitepaper provides a comprehensive list of reasons why a lender should pick a hedge advisor with a lock desk.

The ideal hedge advisor should also be tech-savvy in order to stay one-step ahead of the competition – a crucial advantage in times of market volatility, when having access to that knowledge “can make or break your business’s success”, MCT warns.

Embracing technological innovation enables professional hedge advisors to focus their time on building relationships while letting the tech do more of the heavy lifting. 

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