Child-free adult reveals why she orders kids’ meals 5 nights a week

Child-free adult reveals why she orders kids’ meals 5 nights a week

Given the high cost of everything, grocery shopping is more expensive than ever. But dining out or getting delivery is also expensive now that prices have risen and extra fees are everywhere.

That said, one woman on TikTok is sharing a little trick she discovered for getting cheap and easy meals five nights a week, and it’s honestly kind of genius.

The TikToker, whose name is Amy (@thedisneygirlie), admits that she doesn’t have kids but started ordering meals off the kids’ menu once she realized that the portions were decent and the prices were way better.

“I find it the most cost-effective and saving time versus grocery shopping, cooking and clean up,” she explains in one recent clip.

One of her favorite go-to’s is Texas Roadhouse, which she orders from at least once or twice a week. Not only are there tons of yummy side options on the kids’ menu, but she says the food is a great value and always delicious. (Especially their new mac n’ cheese!)

Amy has tried kids’ meals from a wide variety of restaurants, including Red Robin, Cheddar’s and Carrabba’s (which she thinks tastes better than Olive Garden but doesn’t give you quite as much value).

In each of her review videos, Amy shows what she got for dinner and explains how she either substituted or altered her kids’ meal to her liking (while still keeping the cost down).

A lot of TikTokers are impressed with her tips so far.

“$6.50?!” one person wrote on her review of Cheddar’s. “What a deal!”

“I am gasping so hard that I have been missing out on doing this,” said someone else. “I hate cooking for myself and this is perfect!”

“Whatever you are doing keep doing it,” said someone else. “You look great.”

Though the series is pretty new, it looks like Amy will be keeping it up after all the positive feedback she’s been getting.

“Love your videos!” wrote one person.

“This content is extremely helpful for so many!” said someone else.

Her videos have even inspired some people to share their own secret tips.

“There’s also an option for extra fries when you order online and they give you a second order of fries for free,” one person said on her review of Red Robin’s.

“The tips we all need to know!” the creator replied.

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